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Peter quill meme Google Search t likes t Lustig

Peter quill meme Google Search t likes t Lustig


Peter Quill is iconic

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Spidey knows what's up... I loved the movie because of Okoye and Spidey's reactions (facial and verbal)

Imagine that meme with the two spidermen pointing at each other. Just. Just imagine it.

Peter meets Peter and then is roasted by Peter

Peter quill Thor

Steve - Tony - Avengers - Peter Quill - Infinity War

Guardians of the Galaxy Awesome Mix Vol. 1 - Star Lord - Peter - Hooked on a Feeling

I feel I'm entirely unprepared for Peter Parker and Peter Quill interactions. ^ ^

Our Star-Lord, Peter Quill #HiveSurvives

Shuri and Peter Peter and shuri Peter Parker t'challa furry meme funny

Quote from Avengers: Infinity War (2018) Trailer │ Peter Quill: Groot, put that thing away. Now, I don't wanna tell you again. Groot! Groot: I am Groot!

T'Challa did not want this war. He was only redy to fight it

(Tony Stark, Peter Parker, Iron Dad, Spider-Man: Homecoming)

I feel like Thor is Peter's favorite superhero. There's plenty of evidence.

Lmao i was dying at this part i cant wait to see Tony Stark/Ironman & Peter Quill/Starlord on screen together

Avengers: Infinity War || Loki Odinson,Heimdall,Peter Parker (Spider-Man),Peter Quill (Star-Lord),Gamora,T'Challa (Black Panther),Doctor Strange (Eye of ...

accuracy < < < < I saw it the day it came out and one of my friends was texting me “is Spider-Man ok cause if he dead I'm dead” .I didn't reply

I feel like Scott Lang is the MCU version of Andy Dywer (even though Chris Pratt is also him and Peter Quill)

*thor and captain passing by* Quill : //holding his breath // || Avengers Infinity War || Gamora, Rocket, Thor, Starlord & Captain America || Cr: Miu_A

Tony - Peter Quill - Peter - Thor - Infinity War

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 Marvel Memes, Marvel Funny, Marvel Avengers, Marvel

Lol except for some reason in this he wasn't trying to attack death. Would've made more sense as why not create more resources with the infinity gauntlet

captain america civil war meme - Google Search

I'm with Iron man on this one, even though I'm team Cap all the way.

Chris Pratt - Peter Quill - Captain America

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Tony showing how much he cares for peter, he doesn't want him to go through anything like Tony has

Tony is trying to.make this be emotional. I bet he got offended when Peter said Cap was better than him. (THAT IS SO TRUE!!!! GO CAPP!!!!!)

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DC Keeps Struggling To Make Good Films. But they make really good tv series like Young Justice, Gotham etc

Tumblr & Guardians of the Galaxy - Imgur Chris Pratt Funny, Avengers Funny Memes,

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I love you Peter Quill!! *fangirls*

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I love how Peter looks at Tony like a kid who knows his dad is about to yell.

Fun fact, it was confirmed that her character in captain America is Peter Quill's Great Grandma

captain america civil war meme - Google Search

So glad this guy is protecting our galaxy. Guardians of the galaxy Chris Pratt.

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It's because he had his mind with him and didn't really wanna hurt anybody then, also, exuse me, Peter is 15.

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Tony would kill Peter if that's what he said

team iron man meme - Google Search

Robert talking to peter but which one lol oh boy. They are acting for the next avengers infinity war

Peter - Scott - Civil War

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Movies - GotG: "I am Groot." "Well, that's just as fascinating as the first 89 times you've told me that."

Go watch Black Panther if you want

2431 besten Marvel Bilder auf Pinterest in 2018 | Avengers memes, Marvel memes und Marvel dc comics

#SuperFamily #TonyDaddy #StevePapa #Pete #MCU

Peter Parker and Tony Stark meme lord Avengers Memes, Marvel Memes, Marvel Dc Comics

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jurassic world meme - Google Search

Like, c'mon people. Don't just be Marvel fans, be Marvel STANS.>>>>>> Paul Rudd's face of disgust is what everyone leaving the theatres before credits scene ...

30 Funny Captain America Memes #Captain America #Funny

Iron dad Peter Parker and Tony Stark

Best 30 Marvel Geek Memes

Don't be a shitty lock ladies

Peter Parker playlist #idontwannago #spidermanhomecoming #avengers #marvel

I felt like I knew what he was going

Would work if it wasn't for the fact that SPOILER and SPOILER are 200% dead

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captain america civil war meme - Google Search

Peter quill yondu | Tumblr

This is literally me and my best friend, Megan! Our photos look like this.

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Gamora and Peter by fenchan

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How many internet memes about Thanos and Avengers: Infinity War have you seen? - Quora

Karen Michelle kronickaren

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Star Lord- Chris Pratt- I'd like to paint this.

You drank sea water, didn't you? Marvel Lustig, Marvel Avengers,

40 Funniest Tom Holland Memes That Will Make You Laugh Uncontrollably Funny Tom, Marvel Avengers

You didn't see that coming? :: Captain America :: Quicksilver :: Avengers Age of Ultron

#funny #lol #humor #memes Funny #533 - Likey Hearty Lustig,

Tom Holland and Elizabeth Olsen

Yondu teaches you life lessons Gardians Of The Galaxy, Galaxies, Marvel Memes, Marvel

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I so agree tom but I don't like snakes too - Visit to grab an amazing super hero shirt now on sale!

Infinity Wars is gonna be a hoot

Here's How Thor Became The Most Beloved Character In The MCU. Marvel LustigWunder MemeMarvel ...

It would've been funnier if he named the second one "Old man can't get up protocol"

Meanwhile, in the soul world ... || Avengers Infinity War || Spider man & Bucky || Cr: kirschade

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loki memes - Google Search

I could also see Bucky do things just to mess with Peter.

Peter being a gen z kid/ following his fathers example

I know this is a meme but I forget where it's from

Fun fact: Tom Holland was never given the entire script due to his habit of spoiling everything during interviews. So, as they went along, he was given the ...

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More like: this is my brilliant sister who has created new cutting edge technology as a teenager

Ravagers family - Ravagers calling Peter "Capt'n's boy"

Peter's 17th birthday day in soul stone, this is not fair 😔😔

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Ravagers family - Raising lil' Peter on the Ravager ship - Part 5/7

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Peter Quill-Star-Lord

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