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Setting Gemstones in Wax Ganoksin Jewelry Making Community

Setting Gemstones in Wax Ganoksin Jewelry Making Community


Setting Gemstones in Wax

Try not to steam out this investment, you might just blow away any small diamond, not held securely. In a “magnetic tumbler” you will also fine clean the ...

In my AJM article in April 2004, I showed how a round bur that is re-shaped to have the same contours of the “Cab” stone. This particular half-round, ...

Ring to Brighten a Rainy Day

[Ganoksin] Jewelry Making - A Lesson in Invisible Setting

Ring 18 karat gold, platinum, beryl with Hans Becker cut and brown diamonds

Settin' Pretty

The wax models for the ring and trim pieces were produced by the Gemvision Revo 540A mill. The ring was cast by Hoover & Strong with their new 950 palladium ...

950 Palladium: Gemstone Setting Considerations

Shown here, Barney Jette is using the Foredom Wax Carver wax working pen to build up a wax for the three-stone ring shown above.

CAD/CAM Wedding Set Finishing and Setting

When it comes to bezels, David Phelps, owner of John David Jewelers in Durham, North Carolina, has an interesting take on stone setting.

Ricardo Basta Fine Jewelry Los Angeles First Place, CAD/CAM Distinction

Linq Earrings with Snowflake Obsidian, first formed in wax by hand then cast in Brass

... as with any aspect of jewelry creation, that repetition leads to finding personalized tweaks to accepted setting practices, the occasional short cut, ...

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It is a fast way to set stones and it's a lot of fun. I can guarantee that once you try it you'll be changing your designs to incorporate tube set stones.

Delicate Gemstones Design and Setting - Ganoksin Jewelry Making Community

The ring appeared to Polk's wife Kitsana in a dream, and she later carved it in wax. She modified the wax to suit the gemstones chosen for the design, ...

Wax with gemstones channel set ...

950 Palladium: Gemstone Setting Considerations

Jewelry in Motion

950 Palladium: Gemstone Setting Considerations

This jewelry lesson shows how to make this sleek elegant eurocentric style ring, which emphasizes the gemstone in a rounded bezel setting as focal point.

Pave Setting Beading Tool

The finished ring.

I made this free micro square prong making and setting tutorial as an overview to help my students practice setting skills and complete their proje…

ToolkLit Creating bearings. ToolkLit Wax with gemstones ...

How to set stones on the jewelry wax?? Setting stones on the wax,

How to Sharpen Drill Bits - Ganoksin Jewelry Making Community #jewelrymaking

Pesho Diamonds micro setting Jewellers Bench, Diamond Settings, Wax Carving, Jewelry Tools,

If the seats are cut to the right size, you should be able to pop the stones in using a brass pusher. To tighten the stones, place a fl at graver in ...

This set of burs is designed to help keep stone seats level, but there are many kinds of burs available on the market. Courtesy Rio Grande.

Aquamarine and Star Ruby Cabochon Rings

Stone Setting Considerations - Ganoksin Jewelry Making Community

Marking the wax ...

The Invisible Setting Process - Ganoksin Jewelry Making Community

After 1980, when my father passed away, I started designing my own jewelry and entering competitions.

Use a heart bur the same size of the stones you're setting and open up all of the seats to 100 percent. Drop each stone in place; they should fit snugly.

Paul Robilotti - Renaissance Collection - Ganoksin Jewelry Making Community

Pour water in the dish to slightly cover the surface of the object. You must drill wet when using diamond burs; otherwise, you can overheat or crack the ...

Manufacturing a Free-Form Pendant - Ganoksin Jewelry Making Community

When I was 12, I had hip surgery and had to be in bed for a couple of weeks. My father, a wholesaler, wanted to do something nice for me, ...

Wax to finished piece: Sapphire set into custom made half-bezel wrap ring.

Goldsmithing: Stone Setting Techniques - Ganoksin Jewelry Making Community

The Invisible Setting Process - Ganoksin Jewelry Making Community

Remove the stones from the bees wax and use a setting bur to drill pilot holes where the stones will be set. If you're setting stones smaller than 2 mm, ...

This ring was designed by Lainie Mann using Matrix jewelry design software. The customer requested the ring include all of the customer's stones from ...

950 Palladium: Custom Made Components

Paulette J. Werger, Waiting for Rain, Ashante technique with fabricated gold and silver, opal, Poraiba tourmaline, 3 x 2 x ¼”, 1992

Renaissance ring, by Andrew Costen of Costen Catbalue (Vancouver, BC)

Descended from four generations of gem dealers, the family run Boghossian has forged a unique identity in the world of high jewellery for its audacious ...

Wax Tools Update - Ganoksin Jewelry Making Community

Pale green topaz basket type setting from scratch - Art Jewelry Magazine Community - Forums, Blogs, and Photo Galleries

Begin placing the stones along the metal upside down and aligning them so there is enough space between them. I recommend leaving enough space that would ...

4 Key Jewelry Trends 2015

The design also called for a row of pavé-set sapphires to run along the outside of each side rail, and for those rails to run underneath the looped tops of ...

Protecting Gems While Soldering - Ganoksin Jewelry Making Community | Gems and Jewel

With the same 52 round bottom graver, make the cross cuts between the edges of the band. Cut to just above the girdle line; these cuts should not be as deep ...

Channel Setting Tools Designed For Wax - Ganoksin Jewelry Making Community

Laying Out a Pattern In Wax With Kate Wolf - Ganoksin Jewelry Making Community

Ami Pepper

Step by Step Guide to Fishtail Settings

Leo Fried and Nanz Aalund - Siege of Herons

Setting a Stone with Cold Connections - Ganoksin Jewelry Making Community

Wax carving stages in detail of remaking a ring in platinum using the existing diamonds.

Tube Setting Round Gemstones - Castone a tubetto Jewelry Making Classes, Jewelry Making Tutorials,

Dawson likes to use sandpaper or steel or brass brushes to create his version. “The difference is primarily the grit,” he notes. “Where satin is a very fine ...

How To Determine Metal Weight for Wax Trees

Wax Carving For Stone Setting

wax carving setting for round stones, How some cast jewelry is created.

The side benefit is that they are more precise than only using pliers or unstable jewelry anvils.

Mermaid Treasure: 11/2″ wide. 26 ga domed fine silver, 24K gold wire, river pearl. Fabricated 18K gold setting.

With the design sketched, she approached her jeweler to discuss the technical aspects of turning her vision into reality. He carved a rough wax in which the ...

Using a 52 round bottom graver, make the center cut. Cut from seat to seat and then just past the end stones. This cut should be just a bit deeper than the ...

The Invisible Setting Process

Bezel Setting Using a Lathe

This 14 karat yellow gold gent's ring casting will be pre-finished, the platinum top soldered and the ring finished. The final step will be bead and bright ...

Leon Megé

To get even better results, immerse the gem in the epoxy–acetone mixture and then place it in a vacuum chamber to boil the mixture, which draws the solution ...

Karl Fritsch Current Obsession Magazine #1 The Archetype Issue. Gold, brass, diamonds

"Cut-down Setting" - Ganoksin Jewelry Making Community

Adel Chefridi's Nostalgia pendant

Making a bezel - tutorial Much better than the "in person" class I took.

For this task, use a heart bur that is the same size as the stones that you are setting.

Goldsmithing: Stone Setting Techniques - Ganoksin Jewelry Making Community

Unique Design and Manufacturing Process

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Between the need for exacting detail and the repetitive nature of the many stone settings in play, it was a design that could only sensibly be created using ...

Goldsmithing: Stone Setting Techniques - Ganoksin Jewelry Making Community

The Invisible Setting Process - Ganoksin Jewelry Making Community

Palladium Bridal Jewelry

Using dental floss when setting stones so you can easily pop them out when checking the

Using a setting bur that is 90 percent of the diameter of the stone, drill out the hole and set the depth. You want the stone to be girdle level with the ...

Wax Tools Update - Ganoksin Jewelry Making Community

950 Palladium: Gemstone Setting Considerations