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A P47 flown by Lt Richard Sulzbach of the 364th Fighter Squadron

A P47 flown by Lt Richard Sulzbach of the 364th Fighter Squadron


... Republic P-47 Thunderbolt | by D. Sheley

A P-47 flown by Lt. Richard Sulzbach of the 364th Fighter Squadron, 350th Fighter Group, 12th Air Force on April 1,1945. Lt. Sulzbach had a little run-in ...

... Republic P-47 Thunderbolt | by D. Sheley

Randall Hendricks managed to limp home in his P-47 (397th Fighter Squadron, 368th Fighter Group, 9th Air Force) after taking AA damage to his engine.



4th FG Headquarters Squadron. P-47D 42-7863 WD-C. This photo was taken following the mission of 16 August 1943 when Col.

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Any landing you can walk away from is a good landing!

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Vultee A-35A Vengeance

P-47D Thunderbolt Big Squaw and another P-47 of the 19th Fighter Squadron

The Bell L-39 Swept-Wing Demonstrator


Built in Evansville, Ind. Archie “Lin” Maltbie's Republic Thunderbolt of the Fighter Squadron, Fighter Group, occupies the foreground at Chievres.

A P-47 of the 81st Fighter Squadron takes off from an airfield in China

Element of the Fighter Squadron fly their Thunderbolts over the English countryside, Apr-Jun these fighters were based at RAF Horsham St Faith, Norfolk, ...

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9 Pictures Proving P-47 Thunderbolts Were Badass | Pinterest | Aviation and Planes

P-47 Thunderbolt | The Republic P-47 Thunderbolt was the lar… |

Airacobra fighter of Pursuit Squadron of USAAF Pursuit Group at Selfridge Field, Harrison, Michigan, United States, 1941

P-47 Thunderbolt 56 fighter group 63 fighter squadron, "Princess Pat."

OldVision Ww2 Aircraft, Fighter Aircraft, Fighter Jets, Military Aircraft, P 47 Thunderbolt


P-47 " Lilly Virgin "

Thunderbolt of the Fighter Squadron based in the Philippines and staffed by pilots from the Mexican Air Force,

Captain Walker "Bud" Mahurin of the 56th Fighter Group standing on the port wing

Lt. Ellis Wallenberg, a 73rd Fighter Squadron, 318th Fighter Group, 7th Air Force P-47 pilot, examines the prop of his plane after returning to Ryuku Retto.

Republic P-47 with John V. Jones, and was in the 314th Fighter Squadron, 324th Fighter Group. He stayed in the Reserves after the war and retired as a Lt. ...

The P-51 Mustang of Bill Cullerton after it was shot down over Germany in April 1945. The plane was named “Miss Steve” for Cullerton's fiancée Elaine ...

The alternative aviation magazine

You Got To See This: 5 Republic P-47 Thunderbolt Fighters Fly In Formation!

Ejector seart test from YF Phantom at China Lake 1987

B-25 of the 340th Bomb Group at Pompeii Field, Italy. Ash came from an eruption of Mt Vesuvius on 23 Mar 1944.

B29 Iwo Jima, Ww2 Planes, Military Aircraft, Ww2 Aircraft, World War Ii

Browse WWII: Desert War: North Africa And The Middle East latest photos. View images and find out more about WWII: Desert War: North Africa And The Middle ...

Cher is back on the charts with 'Woman's World'

Bell 26F P-39N Airacobra

N47DE / 5744 Republic P-47D Thumderbolt cn 399-55744 Barstow Daggett 21Oct78 -

"Like a brick outhouse, tough enough to handle the dirtiest of dirty work, and built to survive a Kansas tornado" P-47 Battle damage album : Warthunder

The remains of Baron Manfred von Richthofen's Fokker Dr. I triplane under the guard of AFC No. 3 Squadron (April Via the Australian War Memorial

Avid Flyer Mark IV STOL More: UnknownMore: Canada - Yukon, April 21, 2013 Remark Photographer C-IFMT (cn 1439E) Stopping for a brief break on a frozen Yukon ...

Loud as a shotgun going off right next to you. Outer pane. Mech said it was a faulty heater. (heated mesh between layers of glass)


Honor Roll 350th Fighter Group 1943- 1945

A Northrop P-61 Black Widow of the 421st Night Fighter Squadron does a low-level pass at Tacloban, Leyte, Philippines in February of 1945.

A Northrop P-61 Black Widow of the 421st Night Fighter Squadron does a low-level pass at Tacloban, Leyte, Philippines in February of 1945.

Whether it's for fun, to inspect a field, avoid radar, or to strafe enemy ships, low flying aircraft make for some impressive photos.

Remnants of the Vietnam War: Wrecks & Captured Aircraft

A low flypast during the filming of the Steve McQueen–Richard Wagner film, The War Lover. Nothing like a good buzz job to get the juices flowing; ...

World War II Aircraft

The Miracle on the Hudson - January 15, 2009 January 15, Iconic Photos,

There were three squadrons in the RAF with an LK squadron code, but only two of them flew the Halifax—51 and 578 Squadrons. Of these two, 578 Squadron had ...

A USAAF P-47 Thunderbolt at extreme low level. Note that the sweep of the camera's pan has bent the buildings in the background

A Lockheed Hudson screams in low over assembled photographers and squadron pilots. Photo: Flight Global

Bell P-39 Airacobra

An Avro Shackleton maritime patrol bomber of 38 Squadron RAF rips up Majunga Beach, Madagascar in 1966, with both port propellers feathered. Photo Richard ...

A school boy watches over his shoulder as a recce Spitfire rips up a cobbled road in the Netherlands.

A Douglas A-20G Havoc night fighter of the 417th Night Fighter Squadron does a little daylight low flying down in the weeds possibly near the Orlando, ...

Bell P-63 Kingcobra

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A six pack of USAAF B-25 Mitchells chase their shadows across the North African desert. The web is filled with shots of Mitchells down low... something they ...

A Boeing 707 of Air Zimbabwe, flown by Darryl Tarr doing a low level, high speed flypast in Harare in 1995. According to witnesses, this was not the lowest ...

July 1944 : Pastor Franck J. Landolt celebrates mass near a P-47 Thunderbolt

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Still from camera gun footage shot from a Hawker Typhoon Mark IB flown by Flying Officer J M G "Plum" Plamondon, RCAF of No. 198 Squadron RAF, as he shot ...

The Human Fly, a stunt man by the name of Rick Rojatt, makes a low pass on top of a DC-8 flown by the legendary Clay Lacy in front of the grandstands ...

Helice P47

Paint Schemes P-47 2 Wwii, Dioramas, Kamuflaj, Uçaklar

Thunderbolt Fighter Squadron, Fighter Group at the 'Advanced Landing Ground near Utah Beach, Normandy, June 1944 only a few days after the station opened.

Hobby Master HA8401 USAAF Francis Gabby Gabreski P-47 Thunderbolt 61st FS 1:48th

When the government pays, the government controls.

02 Republic P-47 Thunderbolt Page 27-960 Военные Истребители, Военный Самолет,

A very famous shot of a P-47 pilot flying though the trouble he has wrought when he hit an ammunition truck.

With speed brakes out this is neither a landing nor a take-off. This low flying Lightning is an F6 in 5 Sqn markings. The photo is definitely of a low pass ...


A Vultee A-31 Vengeance dive bomber in December 1942.

Военные Истребители, Вьетнамская Война, Корейская Война, Носовое Искусство

Another great shot of a Belgian Fairchild C-119 Flying Boxcar executing a super low level flight at Deurne Airfield ... with just one engine!

The Jug: Republic P-47 Thunderbolt

A Dutch F-16 with burner lit seems to follow the turn in the road. On the ground, Dutch airmen stuff fingers in their ears as he passes over head.

Find this Pin and more on AVIONES by ernesto.

Thunderbolt sn HV/A at RAF Boxted after belly landing near Bassenheim, Germany on 20 July


Unfortunate Soviet I 16 fighter, downed by Ju 87 rear gunners – Pervomaisk, 1941

238 : Supermarine Spitfire & Roundel - limited edition screenprint

... ex PB-1Ws being flown by John Crewdson for a key scene in the movie. Crewdson reportedly flew the airplane solo for the sequence. Photo by David M. Kay

"It is in truth not for glory, nor riches, nor honours that we are fighting, but for freedom - for that alone, which no honest man gives up but with life ...

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